Free Digital Marketing Course For Beginners

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Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
Lesson 1 – The Opportunity in Digital Marketing
Lesson 2 – The Various Modules in Digital Marketing
Lesson 3 – What is the best way to Learn Digital Marketing
Module 2: Getting Your First Website
Lesson 4 – How to Create a Website to Learn Digital Marketing
Lesson 5 – How to Install WordPress from cPanel
Lesson 7 – Inside the Admin Area of my WordPress Blog
Lesson 6 – WordPress Blog Initial Setup
Module 3: Learning Digital Marketing with Your Website
Lesson 8 – Understanding Google Analytics
Lesson 9 – Basics of SEO
Module 4: Paid Advertising
Lesson 10 – Introduction to Google AdWords
Lesson 11 – Introduction to Twitter Ads
Lesson 12 – Introduction to Facebook Ads
Module 5: Advanced Digital Marketing
Lesson 13 – Native Ads and Sponsored Content
Lesson 14 – What is Conversion Rate Optimization
Lesson 15 – What is Email Marketing
Lesson 16 – What is Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 17 – Social Media Marketing with Facebook
Lesson 18 – What are Landing Pages How to Build Landing Pages
Lesson 19 – What is Google Tag Manager How to use it
Lesson 20 – Long Tail Keywords for SEO
Lesson 21 – What is The Facebook Pixel How to Install it
Lesson 22 – Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing
Lesson 23 – Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress
Lesson 24 – How to Monitor the Uptime of Your Website
Lesson 25 – How to Attract Traffic to Your Blog
Bonus Videos
My Digital Marketing Strategy for Digital Deepak
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